preparedness in a modern world

All incidents, be they large or small create consequences which need to be managed.  Preparing for these ahead of a real event, as well as considering how to start the process of recovering at the earliest opportunity, are crucial for an organisation. 


Showing a coherent, measured response in times of disruption can help to breed confidence in a company and maintain, or even strengthen brand perception.​

Connect2 are able to offer a full range of Emergency Preparedness and Resilience Solutions.  A few examples of where we are able to help your organisation are:

  • Emergency Plans - We are able to critically review your existing emergency and business continuity plans. Where plans don't exist, we can work with your organisation to write new ones.

  • Validation and Assurance - Ensuring your plans and arrangements are 'fit for purpose' is critical in providing assurance to executives and customers alike. Connect2 are able to undertake appropriate, objective driven validation exercises  for your plans and arrangement. ​

  • Gap Analysis - Often it is difficult to identify gaps in organisational preparedness and resilience from within the organisation.  Undertaking an independent gap analysis on organisational preparedness is a robust way to identify areas for improvement, or provide assurance of arrangements.


  • Crisis and Incident Manager - Having people who are appropriately trained to respond to and manage incidents and crisis is critical in ensuring an appropriate response and minimise the impact of any incident.  Connect2 are able to provide bespoke training courses across a range of incident management techniques for all levels of your organisation.

  • Staff awareness workshops - Whilst having people who can get a grip of the incident for your organisations, it is important that ALL staff have an awareness of what they need to do in an incident or crisis, whether they have a direct role to play or not.

  • Learning from incidents and Crisis - Every incident presents an opportunity to learn and improve.  Connect2 are able to offer advice and guidance on debriefing techniques, or if preferred we are able to offer independent debriefing facilitation and report writing.​

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