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preparing your organisation to meet the challenges of the modern world

Training key people in critical roles before the incident occurs will make your organisation more resilient and able to meet the challenges the modern world can present it with.

We use interactive teaching methods which engage the delegates, helping them to understand the course content through practical application in a safe environment.


Some examples of where we are able to assist your organisation with bespoke training courses are:

  • Multi-agency working -  Working with other agencies in an effectively is often taken for granted. For Multi-agency working to be effective requires the building of  interoperability. Connect2 consultants are specialist in developing interoperability solutions and use the JESIP Principles and Models to ensure alignment with the latest thinking.  Whether it be improving the joint working arrangements between different emergency services or business, Connect2 can help.

  • Crisis and Incident Manager - Having people who are appropriately trained to respond to and manage incidents and crisis is critical in ensuring an appropriate response and minimise the impact of any incident.  Connect2 are able to provide bespoke training courses across a range of incident management techniques for all levels of your organisation.

  • Staff awareness of critical incidents - Whilst having people who can get a grip of the incident for your organisations, it is important that ALL staff have an awareness of what they need to do in an incident or crisis, whether they have a direct role to play or not.

  • Control Room Operations - Control Rooms are at the heart of organisational response, they are often the first to be notified of the incident and the immediate actions they undertake, or not, will set the course for the incident.  Whether you operate a CCTV monitoring room or a full blown crisis management control room, we are able to offer training packages which deliver best practice guidance in operations and incident management.

  • Emergency Response - Developing an effective and proportionate response can be challenging, Connect2 are able to assist organisations with developing an appropriate, scaleable response to all manner of incidents.

  • Leading Organisations in a Crisis - Staff will look to leaders during a crisis for direction and support.  Being able to project an image of control and grip is imperative for the confidence of those involved.  Leaders need to be supported too and through targeted training we can build confidence in leaders ensuring they get the most from their teams and guide the organisation through a crisis.

  • Decision logging - "if it isn't written down, it didn't happen".  It is very easy to be consumed by the chaos and make rapid fire decisions, however when it is all over and investigation r inquiries begin, how can you demonstrate the reasoning behind the actions taken?  Keeping an accurate log of decisions puts decision makers in a much more defensible position. Our loggist courses cover the best practice guidance of logging, as well as advice for managers and leaders in working with a loggist.

  • Working with emergency responders - It is likely that in a crisis you will need to call in the assistance of one or more of the Emergency Services, we can provide guidance and advise on what you can expect and what they expect from you.


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